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 When you think of marketing you may think of the adverts that pop up at the side of your screen or the billboards you see when you\'re out - all those moments in the day when somebody is trying to grab your attention and sell you something! Marketing is about advertising and communications in part, but it\'s also about many other things which all aim to create value for customers, from product research and innovation to after-care service and maintaining relationships. It\'s a rich and fascinating area of management waiting to be explored - so welcome to Marketing! Jim Blythe\'s Principles and Practice of Marketing will ease you into the complexities of Marketing to help you achieve success in your studies and get the best grade. It provides plenty of engaging real-life examples, including brands you know such as Netflix and PayPal - marketing is not just about products, but services too. Marketing changes as the world changes, and this textbook is here to help, keeping you up to speed on key topics such as digital technologies, globalization and being green.   The companion website offers a wealth of resources for both students and lecturers and is available at www.sagepub.co.uk/blythe3e. An electronic inspection copy is also available for instructors.


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